Can Dogs Eat Salmon

Can dogs eat salmon

  • Dogs can eat salmon

Can dogs eat salmon?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat salmon?

Dogs can eat salmon!

Similar to raw meats, dogs can’t eat s salmon if it is raw but you can feed it to them if it is cooked properly. Salmons are a good source of omega 3 fatty acids which supports the immune system as well as lowers the chance of having heart disease. It is also rich in protein and low in fat which is perfect if you want your dog to stay active and healthy

Before serving salmon to your dogs, make sure they are not allergic to it by asking your local veterinarian. Some dogs might be allergic to sea foods and salmon is no exception.

Make sure the salmons are well cooked before giving it to your dogs. They sometimes contain bacteria that cause vomiting and diarrhea when eaten raw. Do not also serve the salmon if it is undercooked, chances are that the parasite and bacteria that has been eaten by the salmon is still alive and can cause serious problems to your dogs.

You also need to limit your dogs from eating too much salmon in a week. Maybe two or three times per week at most would be enough to let them enjoy a change in flavor. Make sure to remove the fish bones if possible in order not to cause any injury to your dog’s mouth or throat.

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  1. Great post. Most dogs love fish like salmon.


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