Can Dogs Eat Raw Meat

Can dogs eat raw meat

  • Dogs can not eat raw meat

Can dogs eat raw meat?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat raw meat?

Dogs can not eat raw meat!

Definitely not since raw meat can be dangerous to your dog’s health. Raw meat has a lot of bacteria which can cause food poisoning. It can cause vomiting, stomach ache and fever at first but when left untreated can be really fatal for your dog. Just like most dog owners know, dogs have a short digestive tract which makes the digestion process longer. Gastric acid is slowly secreted by the GI system and in small amounts which makes killing the bacteria longer. This is a perfect opportunity for bacteria to grow in the GI lining of your dog and cause some severe problems.
If you want to feed your dog with meat, make sure it is cooked properly and not raw. Cooking the raw meat kills almost all the harmful bacteria and protects your dog from suffering from food poisoning. It is also better if you can serve the meat without the bone since it can also cause injury to your dog’s mouth. Make sure to also serve the meat in bigger size since your dog will be obliged to chew it first before swallowing it. This prevents choking possibilities which most dogs experience when eating small portions of food.

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