can dogs eat raspberries

Can dogs eat raspberries

  • Dogs can eat raspberries

Can dogs eat raspberries?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat raspberries?

Dogs can eat raspberries!

Raspberries are ok for dogs to eat as long as your dog does not eat an excessive amount.

If your dog starts to eat too many raspberries, it can mean trouble because he or she could start having diarrhea and bloating.

Raspberries will not harm your dog, the worst that they will do is cause your dog to have an upset stomach for a few hours.

If you decide to give your dog a couple raspberries, then do not give them many.  Five or six is ok for a large dog, however you should only give a small dog one or two.

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  1. Oh bummer wrong thread!


  2. Thanks for the info, I will dip some in yogurt and freeze them for a warm weather treat


  3. Scroty mcboogerballs

    My dog eats peanut butter off my dick. Is this healthy for him? He sometimes bites it and it bleeds. Is it ok for him to consume blood?.’


  4. Thanks for the information!

    I had no clue that dogs could eat raspberries and be fine.


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