Can dogs eat peppers

Can dogs eat peppers

  • Dogs can eat peppers
  • Dogs cannot eat hot peppers

Can dogs eat peppers?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat peppers?

Dogs can eat peppers, as long as they are not hot (such as jalapeño peppers).  Hot peppers are unhealthy for dogs, and most dogs will start to choke from the spice.

Regular peppers can be eaten by dogs, and are actually healthy for them in small amounts.

Post by: Adrian Sau

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5 Comments On “Can dogs eat peppers”

  1. I grow, dehydrate and make pepper out of Habaneros and other hot peppers as I love to spice up things with it. One day, I made myself a couple of hot dogs and put them on buns with relish and heavily sprinkled Habanero pepper enough to make fire shoot out of my mouth. I ate one of them and laid the other one down by mistake where my four year old retriever/terrior mix could reach it while I went back out to the kitchen for something else. I came back and found her eating it. She had already gobbled down the bun w/ the heavy amount of Habanero pepper on it and was proceeding to eat the rest when out of concern for her, I grabbed it off of her and scolded her.

    Then I watched for any ill effects or signs of discomfort. as I was very worried being that she’d eat anything (including poison if I let her) that didn’t try to eat it first and would fight to the death and eat anything that tried to eat her if she got the upper hand. However, she showed no symptoms and wasn’t even in a hurry to drink her water (unlike us dumb humans who will try to put out the fire w/ gallons of water, which doesn’t work because capsaicin the active ingredient is fat soluable, not water and only spreads w/ water).

    However, I’d advise the same thing this site does in not letting your dog eat hot peppers as my dog may be one of those rare cases that aren’t adversely affected by the heat in peppers. I’m still keeping them away from her because giving her another “treat” of chili peppers might be playing Russian Roulette.


  2. Peppers are one of the foods that dogs can eat and are healthy for dogs. Almost all dogs love peppers.


  3. Hey,
    Whenever I start to cut up some pepper, my dog can somehow sense it from across the house, she is almost instantly at my feet begging!.


  4. Hey,
    Thanks for posting this, I have two dogs and it is good to know what foods are safe for them!

    Know I know that my dogs can eat peppers!


  5. Yup,
    my dog also enjoys peppers,
    Every tie i make myself a salad, I end up giving my dog around a quoter of a pepper.


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