Can Dogs Eat Peas

Can dogs eat peas

  • Dogs can eat peas

Can dogs eat peas?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat peas?

Dogs can eat peas!

Yes they can eat peas. Peas are rich vitamins and minerals such as Phosphorous, Thiamine, Potassium and Vitamin B. These vitamins and minerals are often needed by dogs to help boost their immune system and to keep them healthy. It is also one of the most preferred treat for newborn puppies since their immune system is still not well developed. Keep in mind that puppies also have an immature digestive track which can make the digesting of large servings of peas really difficult and can often cause indigestion.
Peas can be basically given raw to your dogs but some experts say that it would take them longer to digest it when eaten raw. Dog owners prefer to cook the vegetables first and the most common method of cooking them is by steaming or boiling them. It will make the peas softer and easier to digest.
Some dogs would also love frozen or thawed peas, but it will be best to ask your veterinarian if you can serve it that way or you should cook it first before giving it to your dogs. They will also have to adjust your dog’s diet accordingly if you want to peas in their diet. Too much nutrition for your dog can also cause some problems and you might want to avoid those problems.

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