Can dogs eat olives?

Can dogs eat olives

  • Dogs can NOT eatĀ olives

Can dogs eat olives?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat olives?

Dogs can NOT eat olives!

Olives is included in pizzas, salads, snacks etc and you love eating them, right? Olives is available in variety of colors and contain fat that is actually healthy for us. But are olives healthy for dogs too? Can dogs eat olives?

Whether it is safe for dogs to eat olive or not there is no specific information on it. It has been found that there are few dogs that can easily digest olives while there are some who are allergic to it and fall sick.

As a dog owner you have to examine in which category your dog falls. Does he/she easily digest olives or does your canine friend experiences any problem? Since there are no known reasons that harm the dogs after eating olives, it is more or less safe for dogs to consume.

There are several health benefits of olives. It is rich in vitamin E, iron, fiber, oleic acid and beta carotene etc. These are amazing nutrients for maintaining the health of your dog and the nutrients are also known to protect your canine friend from chronic illness like cancer, heart disease etc.

There is a misconception among the dog owners that dogs are toxic towards black olives. But the spices and artificial chemicals that are used for preserving the olives are harmful for dogs that causes stomach upsets.

You have to be very particular with the quantity of olives your are providing your dog because the high content of olive oil is not very good for your dog as it causes infection in the pancreas and can be fatal too.

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