Can dogs eat mint?

Can dogs eat mint

  • Dogs can NOT eat mint

Can dogs eat mint?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat mint?

Dogs can NOT eat mint!

Are thinking to give fresh mint to your dog to do away with his pungent smelling mouth? Can dogs eat mint? Is it safe for them? The answer is no. You cannot give mint your dog. It doesn’t matter how bad your dog smells don’t ever try to give him or her mints.

People all over the world use mint to freshen their breath and. Usually the common types of mint like the peppermint and wintergreen that are harvested in the yards and garden don’t pose any threat and are safe for your pets.

But another type of mint known as pennyroyal is extremely harmful for dogs. In fact this type of mint is also not good for human beings and hence you won’t find anybody using it in their cooking. Pennyroyal mint is an excellent insect repellant but if it is eaten it you can suffer from tremendous abdominal pain and cramps.

In case your dog is pregnant and has eaten this particular type of mint, it can lead to miscarriage. In fact eating pennyroyal mint is applicable with the same results in human beings too. Even if your dog is not pregnant, he/she will suffer from certain symptoms and it is advisable to rush to the veterinarian for immediate medical attention.

After eating pennyroyal mint your dog will suffer from vomiting, diarrhea and other forms of stomach upsets. Keep away all kinds of mint leaves from your dog because you never know what kind of mint leaves your dog is consuming and if you harvest mint leaves you need to extra careful and cautious.

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