Can Dogs Eat Mango

Can dogs eat mango

  • Dogs can eat mango

Can dogs eat mango?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat mango?

Dogs can eat mango!

Yes mangoes can be given to your dogs as well as any fruit can be safe for your dogs to eat. Just make sure that they do not have an allergy to mangoes before giving it to them. According to some research, mangoes contain antioxidants which prevent your dog from acquiring cancer. It is also rich in fiber vitamin C and pectin which lowers serum blood cholesterol which is the bad cholesterol causing different kinds of heart diseases. Mangoes are also a rich source of vitamin A which helps your dog develop good eye sight and prevent night blindness.
You can serve it as an additional supplement for your dogs or as a treat. Just make sure you do not give the whole mango with its peel and seed on. The mango skin can be hard for your dogs to digest and can cause indigestion or possible intestinal obstruction when eaten. The seed can also cause choking and contains cyanide which is poisonous to both humans and dogs.
If you are planning to give mangoes to your dog, make sure to give it to them in moderation and not too much. Too much fruits can also cause diarrhea or stomach ache.

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  1. Thank you very much will not give to many mangos to my dogs


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  3. I did read on a dog MD sight that dogs should not eat grapes or raisins… since we are on the subject of fruit and it also mentioned cyanide in the pits/seed of peaches. Seems like I typed in “dangerous foods for dogs” and a petwebmd came up. Seems like there were other pits/seeds that had cyanide as well. I’m going to re-visit that sight now and refresh my memory. I was surprised at how toxic macadamia nuts were to dogs ( as well as other nuts) and that onions were not good for them either. Thanks for the info on mangoes :*)) .


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