Can dogs eat liver?

Can dogs eat liver

  • Dogs can eat liver

Can dogs eat liver?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat liver?

Dogs can eat liver!

We all know that dogs have lots of similarities with human beings. But this doesn’t mean our digestive system is similar to that of our canine friends. This is the main reason for which there are number of human food items that are extremely hazardous for your pet’s health.

Can dogs eat liver? Yes your pet dog can eat liver both in raw as well as in cooked form. But you have to make sure that you are not supplying liver to your dog in large quantities. Liver is definitely very rich in vitamins and minerals but you have to provide it in moderation to dogs.

On the contrary liver is considered to be extremely beneficial for human beings. Liver is rich in vitamins A and B, arachidonic acid and DHA. Liver is known as the super food that enhances energy, muscle growth and brain power in human beings.

Why should liver be given in moderate quantity? Does liver cause any side effects? Is it harmful for your dog? Liver is not harmful and is safe to have in small quantity because too much of liver feeding can lead to poisoning in pet.

What is the reason of poisoning? Since liver is extremely rich in vitamin A, too much of liver consumption causes vitamin A toxicity in dogs. The toxicity leads to overgrowth or deformed growth of bones in spines and elbows and therefore your dog limps.

Vitamin A toxicity causes certain symptoms like diarrhea, refusal to eat and thereby weight loss, anemia and constipation etc. Just look at the troubles your dog and you have to bear if too much of liver is given to your pet.

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