can dogs eat lettuce

Can dogs eat lettuce

  • Dogs can eat lettuce

Can dogs eat lettuce?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat lettuce?

Dogs can eat lettuce!

Dogs loves lettuce! Don’t give your dog too much lettuce, as it can give your dog the runs.

If your dog is having trouble moving his bowels give him some lettuce.  It will help soften the stool.

In the wild dogs “graze” on different grasses. A dog should not eat lettuce on a regular basis, but if your dog likes it give your dog some every now and then.

Post by: Adrian Sau

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7 Comments On “can dogs eat lettuce”

  1. thanks for the info


  2. Dogs wont eat lettuce, they will just sniff it, and walk away.


  3. My dog wont touch it…


  4. Lettuce has no flavor so I don’t think a dog will enjoy it.


  5. I would not give any.


  6. lettuce will not harm your dog.


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