Can Dogs Eat Kiwi

Can dogs eat kiwi

  • Dogs can eat kiwi

Can dogs eat kiwi?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat kiwi?

Dogs can eat kiwi!

Kiwi fruits are generally safe for your dogs. It contains a lot of vitamin C which helps boost your dog’s immune system. Kiwi fruits can be quite healthy for your dogs if you give it to them in moderate amount. Kiwi also has a laxative property which can cause some dogs to experience diarrhea so make sure you do not over feed your dogs with kiwi fruits.

Some dogs might want the peel to be removed first before eating the fruit while others are not that particular with the way it is served. It would be best to consult with your pet’s dietitian first if you are planning to add kiwi as a part of your dog’s diet,

If your dietitian says that it is safe then strictly follow the recommended servings he or she has indicated. Also make sure to remove all the seeds of the fruit before giving it to your dogs. All of us know that seeds often contain cyanide which can be fatal for both dogs and humans. It can also cause an intestinal obstruction which in most cases needs a surgical intervention to remove the obstruction. Kiwi fruits are safe for your dogs, just don’t spoil them and give them too much of everything.

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2 Comments On “Can Dogs Eat Kiwi”

  1. My 12 yr old Springer Spaniel. Ollie, liked it though I had to hand feed it as it stuck pretty good to his bowl,. Only gave him a couple of small pieces of one of the new “SunGold” variety.


  2. I am not sure if dogs would really like the sour taste of kiwi.


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