Can dogs eat ice

Can dogs eat ice

  • Dogs can NOT eat ice

Can dogs eat ice?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat ice?

Dogs can NOT eat ice!

The summer days are approaching fast with the irritating scorching summer heat. You cool yourself by drinking cold water and even sometimes by eating ice cubes. You want to give respite from the heat to your dog too by giving him/her ice to eat. But is it safe for your canine friend?

You might have come across several blogs and articles that explain the risk factors related to dogs eating ice. It is true that eating ice as well as drinking chilled water is not safe for your dog and must be avoided whenever possible.

It is said that if the dogs eat ice, it leads to bloating that can be often serious and fatal. But there is another group of experts who claim that it is not because of the ice that causes the bloating. Rather it is because the dog gulps too many ice cubes all together rapidly.

Thus, the dog swallows air and fills the stomach which causes bloating. There are several symptoms of bloating like drooling, restlessness, uncomfortable to lie down, gagging, loss of appetite, wider abdomen and so on.

If you notice any of the signs mentioned you must take your dog to a veterinarian right away for seeking medical attention or else you might lose your best friend forever. Now the question is should you avoid giving ice to your dog?

Basically you should avoid giving ice as well as chilled water to dogs. It is safer to provide water of room temperature. During summer you can supply with moderately cold water. Please keep it a note and be careful with the eating habits of your dog.

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