Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream

Can dogs eat ice cream

  • Dogs can not eat ice cream

Can dogs eat ice cream?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat ice cream?

Dogs can not eat ice cream!

It might be tempting to give your dog a serving of ice cream during a hot day. Dog’s should not be given or allowed to eat ice cream at any cost. Most dogs are allergic to any dairy products and this includes ice cream. Though it would be a good treat for them at first, it would be best if you avoid giving them some ice cream. Like most dogs that are lactose intolerant, they can experience mild to severe diarrhea just from a small serving of ice cream. It can also cause some other GI problems which will leave your dog unable to eat, irritable or in pain.
Ice cream also contains a high amount of fat and sugar which can be unhealthy for your dogs. If you are planning to give your dog a cold treat, it would be best to make some ice cubes made from fruit juices. They are healthier and probably much safer than ice creams since they do not contain any dairy product which can cause some GI problems.
Some dog owners will occasionally give their dogs ice cream but experts say that it would be best to avoid giving ice cream to your dogs at all cost in order to save you from any problems in the future.

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