Can Dogs Eat Human Food

Can dogs eat human food

  • Dogs can eat most human food

Can dogs eat human food?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat human food?

Dogs can eat most human food!

Of course they can as long as the vets approved it. Some human foods can cause certain problems like stomachache, diarrhea and some of them can even be fatal. The first thing you need to do is to ask your veterinarian if it is safe for your dog to eat a certain human food. You can start by telling your vet what are the usual foods you eat that you also give to your dogs. There are certain factors which make a human food safe for dogs or not. One of them is the breed of the dog. Certain breeds are not compatible with some human foods and should be avoided at all cost.
Another factor is the size and built of your dogs. Large dogs can easily digest human foods such as chicken meat, pork or lamb meat while smaller dogs might have a hard time digesting those kinds of food. The size of your dogs also affects the digestive system of your dogs. If they are a larger breed then their digestion is faster which makes it safe for them to eat human foods. Smaller breeds tend to experience indigestion if they are given some human food.
It would be best if you can ask your vet first before letting your dogs have some human food.

You should also do a search of the human food you would like to give to your dog on our site to see if we have listed it.

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