Can Dogs Eat Honey

Can dogs eat honey

  • Dogs can eat honey

Can dogs eat honey?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat honey?

Dogs can eat honey!

Yes, honey is safe for your dogs to eat. Honey is the only insect made product that can be safely eaten by humans as well as dogs. Honey is also rich in vitamin C which helps boost your dog’s immune system. It also has a therapeutic effect when given to dogs suffering from arthritis. Some dog owners will not give honey to their dogs because they know that it might cause indigestion problems. Honey is already predigested by the bees and it can easily be digested by your dogs.
Honey is also given to dogs that have low blood sugar levels. A tablespoon of honey is richer in glucose compared to a tablespoon of sugar. It is also easily digested than sugar which makes it generally safe for your dogs.
Honey can still cause some problems if given more frequently than the recommended serving. It can cause diarrhea or obesity to your dogs. It is also a good idea not to give your puppies honey since it can contain botulism spores which can easily be tolerated by a grown up dog but not for puppies that have immature immune system.
Despite its health benefits, you as a dog owner should still visit your vet for a monthly check up if the serving of honey for your dog should be adjusted to prevent any health problems.

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