Can dogs eat ham?

Can dogs eat ham

  • Dogs can eat ham but should not

Can dogs eat ham?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat ham?

Dogs should not eat ham!

During Easter and Christmas your dining table is filled with varying ham recipes and you love eating ham with your family and friends. How can you leave behind your canine best friend? Your heart melts seeing your pet staring at your plate and you give him/her few pieces of ham.

Never ever commit this mistake. Basically dogs will eat everything you supply but what about the after effects? Your dog gets sick and you are burdened with high bills. You can avoid such situations if you are extra careful with the foods that shouldn’t be given to dogs.

Ham is one such food item that shouldn’t be given to your pet dog. Even if he/she is gazing at your plate and wanting for a piece, resist yourself from giving pieces of ham. Why is ham not suitable for dogs? This might be the question that is in your mind, right?

Ham is basically the cured pork that is full of fat and is extremely high in sodium content. It might be a treat for you but your dog suffers from stomach discomfort since it becomes extremely difficult for your pet to digest ham.

After eating ham your pet dog suffers from diarrhea, vomiting, inflammation in the pancreas and often resulting in death. The dog might also suffer from arthritis, heart disease and obesity etc if he is fed with ham on regular basis.Don’t you think it is better to avoid such food items like ham that causes unnecessary troubles and also result in the death of your canine friend?

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