Can Dogs Eat Ginger

Can dogs eat ginger

  • Dogs can eatĀ ginger

Can dogs eat ginger?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat ginger?

Dogs can eat ginger!

Yes they can eat ginger but only in small amounts. Some dogs might have an allergy with ginger and it would be best to avoid giving your dog a large serving of it. Ginger is known to relieve stomach ache and motion sickness. It is a great treat for those dogs that needs to travel every now and then. According to studies, ginger also helps dogs with cancer. It decreases nausea and vomiting which is the common cause why your dog is losing appetite. Ginger is also known to decrease blood pressure for both humans and dogs.

If you suspect your dog to be having motion sickness every time they travel, it would be best if you will give them ginger. You can it giveĀ  to your dog 30 minutes prior to travel and always keep some ginger cookies or ginger snaps with you in case your dog will be needing an additional dose.

Do not give ginger to dogs that are anemic or just underwent a surgery. It has a thinning effect to the blood which can lead to anemia and possible death. Make sure to ask your vet if it is safe for you to feed your dog ginger especially if your dog is undergoing anti inflammatory medication.

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  1. I did not know dogs could eat ginger to help with motion sickness. Cool info.


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