Can Dogs Eat Garlic

Can dogs eat garlic

  • Dogs can not eat garlic

Can dogs eat garlic?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat garlic?

Dogs can not eat garlic!

Garlic should not be given to your dogs at any cost. Garlic has a property that destroys the dog’s red blood cells which leads to anemia or even death if left untreated. Some dog owners will argue about garlic having some benefits when given to your dogs. One of the benefits that garlic has is it boost the immune system of your dogs. Some will say that it is also a great antibiotic and can be used for different skin ailments on your dogs. Those health benefits mentioned have not yet been proven scientifically that is why vets and other pet experts will recommend avoiding garlic for your dogs.
Garlic in any form can be quite dangerous to your dogs, whether it is raw, cooked, dehydrated or in powder form. Some human foods are also said to contain small amounts of garlic such as those baby foods. If you are a responsible dog owner then it would be best to avoid giving garlic to your dogs at any cost. Giving garlic in small amounts occasionally can be fine just to let them taste something new. Small frequent feeding can also be toxic to your dog and can cause some signs of anemia such as body weakness, anorexia, and vomiting.

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