Can dogs eat flour?

can dogs eat flour

  • Dogs can not eat flour

Can dogs eat flour?

you may ask yourself can my dog have flour?

Dogs can not eat flour!

There are so many similarities between human beings and dogs. In fact it won’t be surprising to
find that your canine friend can digest a lot of human food. If you own a dog, you must have fed
your pet dog with the food items that you eat. Haven’t you?

But as a dog owner you have to know that there are certain food items that your dog cannot
digest. There are several human foods that are extremely dangerous and harmful for your
canine friend. Do you know those restricted food items are fatal and you might lose your pet

As a dog owner you might be aware of the food items that your dog can and cannot eat. Do
you know whether dogs can eat flour or not? It depends on the use of the flour. If you are
feeding your dog with raw flour, it is fatal and will kill your dog as it forms a lump gets stuck in
your dog’s throat.

In fact raw bread is also not good for your pet dog as the yeast swells and blocks your dog’s
intestine tract and ruptures it. But if you are using flour in some recipes like plain dog cake, it is
not at all harmful and absolutely safe for your dog to eat.

Your canine friend is your family, your best friend. You won’t ever want to lose him/her and
that due to your negligence, right? Therefore, you have to be very particular with the foods that
you provide the pet dog.

Post by: Adrian Sau

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2 Comments On “Can dogs eat flour?”

  1. I don’t see any sources cited with regards to where this information is coming from.

    If dogs cannot ingest flour of any kind, why is it that 99% of every dog treat recipe I’ve seen have some type of flour in it?

    If you’re not citing an actual source, then I have to say I find your content questionable. I don’t want to feed my dog something he shouldn’t have, however, I find your lack of sources cited to be disturbing. Thank you.


  2. Fantastic information posted! Very cool responses. Awesome work!


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