can dogs eat dirt

Can dogs eat dirt

  • Dogs can eat dirt

Can dogs eat dirt?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat dirt?

Dogs can eat dirt!

If your dog is eating dirt, it may be due to anemia. Some dog foods are low in nutrients that dogs need, because of this, sometimes dogs try to get the nutrients they need by eating dirt/soil.

If your dog starts to eat dirt, it may be a sign that you should change the dog food that you are feeding your dog.

Dogs can also start to eat dirt out of boredom, or if they are chasing bugs, and critters.

Eating a little dirt will not harm your dog at all.

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7 Comments On “can dogs eat dirt”

  1. My terrier is strange about eating. She will eventually eat in private food I offer her ( commercial) She will eat a slice of cheese in the evening, but starts to cover her plate of dog food. She eats cat food (dry) and will eat boiled chicken. The other day I had repotted a plant, and she started linking at the potting soil that had fallen on the porch. She also eats grass often she is 5 Her name is Polly. She is a rescue dog from folks who went to nursing home… I love her.


  2. your dog should not be eating handfuls, but a bit is fine.


  3. Dirt has a lot of minerals that dogs need to survive.


  4. dirts fine.

    many dogs eat it, and many animals do. It wont do any harm.


  5. dirt is often eaten by dogs because of small insects, and other critters that are on the surface, or just bellow the surface that the dog tries to eat.

    The dirt is scooped up along with the insect.


  6. my dog used to lick rocks, I am guessing it would be for the same reason.


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