Can dogs eat dairy

Can dogs eat dairy

  • Most dogs can eat dairy

Can dogs eat dairy?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat dairy?

Most dogs can eat dairy!

Are dairy products safe for consumption by dogs? You seemed not be too sure? But does your four legged friend enjoy eating dairy products like cheese, milk and yogurt and so on? Let us find out in the article whether dogs can eat dairy products or not.

Dairy products are not harmful and dangerous for dogs but there are few dogs that are allergic to the dairy products especially milk. Is your canine friend one of them? Normally it has been found that few dogs are lactose intolerant which means that dogs are unable to digest the protein content present in the milk.

The immediate symptoms of lactose intolerance are vomiting, diarrhea etc. Even there are humans who cannot tolerate milk and milk based products. Among the dairy products it is milk that has the highest percentage of lactose present than other products like different types of cheese, yogurt etc.

Nobody knows your pet dog better than you. So you have to keep a track and notice whether your dog can digest dairy products or not. If you want to treat your pet with dairy products make sure you serve in moderate quantity.

It is for sure that dairy products are not toxic for dogs. There are chances that your dog might get allergic but that doesn’t mean your pet’s life is at stake. Do you know there are dairy products available in the market that are lactose free? In case your dog is lactose intolerant, he/she can still enjoy having dairy products.

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