Can dogs eat cranberries?

Can dogs eat cranberries

  • Dogs can eat cranberries

Can dogs eat cranberries?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat cranberries?

Dogs can eat cranberries!

Are you thinking to provide fresh cranberries to your dog? This is not a bad idea at all. Do know cranberries are rich in nutrient values and are beneficial for your dogs? If you haven’t yet started giving cranberries to your dog, don’t delay anymore.

Cranberries are absolutely safe for dogs and cranberry juice is the common means to treat the dogs. The delicious sweet flavored cranberry juice is sure to entice your canine friend and he/she will enjoy the drink.

Cranberries are rich in vitamin contents including Vitamin A, C, B1 and B2. Do you know cranberries are also rich sources of several minerals and contain high level of antioxidant properties?

Therefore, supply your dog with fresh cranberries and cranberry juice on a regular basis and protect him/her from some deadly diseases. It is recommended not to supply your pet dog with artificial preservatives added cranberry juice because dogs are unable to digest preservatives and fall sick.

If you want to treat your dog with cranberry juice try to make it at home without any added flavors and preservatives. This is one food item that you can enjoy with your canine friend freely. So grab a handful of cranberries and enjoy eating with your pet dog.

Do you know cranberries are used to get rid of urinary tract infection in dogs? This is not a joke and don’t you know this practice is quite popular among human beings too? Cranberries increase the acidity of the urine that in return helps to eliminate the infection. 

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