Can Dogs Eat Cottage Cheese

Can dogs eat cottage cheese

  • Dogs can eat cottage cheese

Can dogs eat cottage cheese?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat cottage cheese?

Dogs can eat cottage cheese!

Yes they can if they are not lactose intolerant and if your vet would recommend giving it to them. Cottage cheese is one of the few dairy products that can be given to your dogs since it is low in lactose and it contains probiotics which helps your dog’s digestive system. It is also a great source of nutrients which can help your dog become healthier. It is also easily digested by most dogs without any untoward effect.
The only problem with feeding your dog with cottage cheese is that is rich in sodium which can be unhealthy for your dogs. Too much sodium content can cause electrolyte imbalance and sometimes causes dehydration. Make sure to give your dog a lot of water after giving it a cottage cheese to help excrete the excess sodium later on.
The amount of cottage cheese per serving should always strictly follow what was recommended by your dog’s dietitian. They sometimes base the recommended serving according to the breed, size of your dog, and its nutritional needs. Smaller dogs will have smaller servings compared to larger breed dogs. Make sure you comply with the diet since it can be fatal for your dogs if they ingest too much cottage cheese.

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  1. My dogs get a teaspoon of cottage cheese almost every morning. Nothing bad is happening…no gas, no farting, they just like it. I do feed lo-fat from Krogers because I love it. They get little bits of mine


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