can dogs eat corn

Can dogs eat corn

  • Dogs can eat corn

Can dogs eat corn?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat corn?

Dogs can eat corn!

Though it may be tempting to throw that left over piece of corn on the cob to your dog while at the neighbor’s summer cookout, it is not a good idea to give corn to your pet to eat.

Dog’s were created to consume meat as their main dietary meal and should not be fed a diet that contains a lot of grain products. Too much corn can have unhealthy side effects in your pet. Feeding dogs a large amount of corn has been know to cause numerous health issues in dogs. Your dog may develop skin problems or experience unwanted bloating due to being fed corn regularly.

Giving your dog corn on the cob can also cause obstruction in the intestines if not thoroughly chewed before being swallowed by your pet. Many dogs are sensitive to corn and can suffer adverse intestinal issues from consuming corn.

While we love to see our pets enjoy their food as much as we do, it is wise to feed your pet a proper diet that doesn’t include grains.

*If you suspect your pet has consumed corn on the cob at some point in time and your pet is showing signs of being in pain, you should immediately take your dog to the veterinarian for proper medical care.

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  1. Thanks for the really useful info!


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  3. corn is ok in moderation for dogs,


  4. Corn should not be given to a dog regularly.


  5. corn is not in a dogs natural diet, but some is ok.


  6. Some dogs can eat corn with no problem.

    Some dogs get bad gas from corn.


  7. Outstandingly educative cheers, I am sure my dog can have a bit of corn and be fine.


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