Can dogs eat corn on the cob?

Can dogs eat corn on the cob

  • Dogs can eat corn on the cob

Can dogs eat corn on the cob?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat corn on the cob?

Dogs can eat corn on the cob!

Dogs are man’s best friend but the worst thing about dog is that they eat almost everything they find whether that is edible or not. This creates a problematic situation because often there are situations when you have to rush to a veterinarian lest your dog dies.

Are you wondering whether dogs can eat corn on the cob? Do you know corn has high content of carbohydrate, protein and essential fatty acids and thereby an excellent source of energy? Basically corn in itself is not toxic or harmful for your dog.

In fact your pet dog will love chewing the corn and there is no harm in it unless and until your dog is allergic towards corn. Corn also has antioxidant properties and defends your dog from certain diseases. So corn is actually beneficial for your dog’s health.

But there is a bad side to eating corns. If your dog is allergic which is a rare occasion he/she might suffer from itchy irritation, intestinal infections, hives, vomiting and so on. The worst part is when your dog eats a chunk of cob all together.

Often it has been found that when canine animals like dog consume corn on the cob, it is difficult to pass and gets stuck in the digestive tract. This creates an obstruction in the intestine of your dog that in majority of the cases require immediate medical attention and a surgery.

In case after feeding corn you find your dog to be restless, vomiting, whimpering, stomach pain etc, don’t try to feed him/her with corn on the cob again and also keep it away from dogs.

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