Can Dogs Eat Corn Cobs

Can dogs eat corn cobs

  • Dogs can not eat corn cobs

Can dogs eat corn cobs?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat corn cobs?

Dogs can not eat corn cobs!

Some dogs like to chew down on some left over corn cobs. Most of them enjoy chewing the corn cob because of the leftover corn which can be salty and buttery at times. Though dogs enjoy eating corn cobs, it is best if you avoid feeding it to them.

Corn cobs can sometimes cause gastric irritation or indigestion to certain dogs. Some of them might not even chew the corn cob and just swallow it whole. Corn cobs do not contain any toxic substance that can be harmful to your dogs but it can cause intestinal obstruction. This can cause a serious obstruction problem which will need immediate surgical intervention.

If you see your dog losing appetite, vomiting, has a painful abdomen or looks constipated, it will be best if you can get him to your nearest vet in order to check if there has been an obstruction caused by a corn cob.

Make sure to dispose your corn cobs properly because dogs have a smart way on how to dig through your trash just to have what they want. It would be best to put them in a separate plastic bag and take them outside was the garbage truck arrives to pick your trash.

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  2. Corn is commonly linked to canine food allergies


  3. Dogs can choke on anything that is soft enough to chew, but still hard enough that is is difficult to swallow.


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