Can dogs eat cooked bones?

can dogs eat cooked bones

  • Dogs can eat cooked bones
  • You should try not to give your dog a cooked bone

Can dogs eat cooked bones?

You may askcan my dog eat a cooked bone?

Dogs undoubtedly can eat cooked bones, but the owners must avoid giving bones to their dogs as it may cause serious of harm to your pet. Although people might think that a dog loves bones it is a truth less known that bones may cause a lot of harm to your beloved pets. To begin with bones could give your dog broken teeth causing you to spend your money on vet dentistry; bones may cause injuries to mouth or to the tongue of your dog which means another trip to vet; it may get stuck in the esophagus of your dog or in the wind pipe.  A tiny piece may be inhaled involuntarily while chewing and cause a problem in breathing; sometimes the bone also gets looped around the lower jaw of the dog; If the bone is too big it might even get stuck into the stomach of the dog and might not get ejected out of the system, which would require nothing less than a surgery to get it safely out of the stomach; in case the bone is sharp it might also cause internal bleeding, in few cases while excreting, the sharp bones may give rectum bleeding to the dogs.

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