Can Dogs Eat Coconut

Can dogs eat coconut

  • Dogs can eat coconut

Can dogs eat coconut?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat coconut?

Dogs can eat coconut!

Dogs can eat coconuts and it’s safe for them. Coconuts can be a fun toy for your dog and also a good treat. The coconut pulp is safe for your dogs as well as the coconut milk in it. Your dog’s stool can be slightly different compared to his normal stool. Don’t be alarmed if you see your dog having some pale and greasy stool right after giving it a coconut. Coconuts are known to have a diuretic effect which helps in the excretions of waste materials through the process of urination. It is also a good source of fluid which can prevent your dog from being dehydrated.
Though the inside can be eaten by your dog, make sure not to let him or her eat the husk or the hard shell. The shell can cause lacerations in your dog’s throat as well as airway obstruction which can be fatal to some dogs especially smaller breeds. The husk does not have any toxic substance on it but if your dog accidentally ate a certain amount of husk, it can get tangled and cause intestinal obstruction or indigestion. Let your dogs play with the coconut fruit but as soon he is done playing and wants to eat the coconut, make sure to serve only the pulp and coconut milk.

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