Can Dogs Eat Clementines

Can dogs eat clementines

  • Dogs can eat clementines

Can dogs eat clementines?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat clementines?

Dogs can eat clementines!

Yes you can give your dogs some clementines but in moderation only. Fruits are known to have a lots of nutrients especially vitamin C and clementines are not an exception. Vitamin C is essential to boost your dog’s immune system and it is also high in sugar content which gives extra boost of energy to your dogs. It is also rich in fiber and water content which can help dogs that are suffering from constipation.
There have been no reports that a dog died eating clementines but there are some incidences which almost took the life of some dogs. Clementine should never be given with their peel on. It should always be removed because it will be difficult for dogs to digest it and can lead to stomach ache or indigestion. The seeds can also cause some problems such as intestinal obstruction which is the main reason why it should also be removed.
If you want your dog to enjoy the nutritional benefits of clementines, try serving it in a juice form or freeze the juice into cubes and give it as a form of treat. Dogs love the sweet taste of cold Clementine juice in a very hot summer day.

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