Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon

Can dogs eat cinnamon

  • Dogs can eat cinnamon

Can dogs eat cinnamon?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat cinnamon?

Dogs can eat cinnamon!

Yes they can but similar to humans, it should be taken in moderation. Cinnamon is basically safe for your dogs suffering from diabetes. Studies show that cinnamon helps in the regulation of blood sugar levels by lowering triglycerides and cholesterol level using its insulin like properties. Cinnamon is also the best natural treatment or dogs suffering from arthritis. It has a blood thinning compound which promotes blood flow to the other parts of your dog’s body.
Cinnamon also helps relieve indigestion, stomach ache as well as killing the harmful microorganisms in the stomach. Dog’s digestion is also improved if you occasionally give it to your dogs.
There are other health benefits of cinnamon but make sure not to overfeed it to your dog because it can also cause some serious problems. Dogs undergoing medication or has an underlying medical condition should also be assessed first by your vet before giving cinnamon. Due to its blood thinning property, it can cause serious bleeding for dogs that just underwent surgery or for dogs who are taking anti hypertensive drugs. Make sure to visit your vet first before giving your dog even a small amount of cinnamon. Also keep in mind to follow all instructions with regards to feeding your dog with cinnamon.

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