Can Dogs Eat Chips

Can dogs eat chips

  • Dogs can eat chips
  • Dogs should not have more than one chip at a time

Can dogs have chips?

you may ask yourself can my dog have chips?

Dogs can eat chips!

Potato chips are the easiest snack one grabs while watching television or even just sitting and talking with friends. Thus there are high chances that your dog may beg and try all its cute antics in order to win that chip as a tasty treat from you. While giving your dog a single chip from the bag of chips will not harm it, if it became a regular habit and your dog is subjected to a regular stream of potato chips then that would cause a big problem.

Potato chips contain a very high level of salt to which dogs are generally not accustomed to. These high salt levels will lead to major kidney problems for the dog. Since the salt content is more than what the dog is used to there will be dehydration in the dog. This will consequently lead to an increased extent of thirst and it will drink a lot of water. The rate of urination of the dog will thus eventually become very high. The salt contents will also pose a threat of sodium ion poisoning in the dog. In this condition the dog’s body is not able to process the salt fast enough and this causes it to reach toxic levels. It can result in the cause of seizures, and in major cases, even lead to epilepsy. Vomiting, diarrhea and kidney problems are the major symptoms.

Apart from the salt, the oil in which the chips are cooked is known to have caused serious gastric conditions in dogs.

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  1. my chips have no trans fats and a low salt content can my dog eat a few more chips?


  2. Awesome stuff posted! Terrifically nice posts. Great job!


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