Can Dogs Eat Chicken Bones

Can dogs eat chicken bones

  • Dogs can not eat chicken bones

Can dogs eat chicken bones?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat chicken bones?

Dogs can not eat chicken bones

Some experts say that it is fine to let your dogs eat chicken bones as long as it is raw and not cooked. The reason for avoiding cooked chicken bones to feed to your dogs is that the bones become brittle and it can easily break into tiny sharp pieces which can cause some lacerations in your dog’s stomach or intestines. Small pieces of chicken bones can also block your dog’s intestines or leave a splinter on your dog’s mouth or throat.

Raw chicken bones however can be given to your dogs according to some experts. Raw chicken bones are soft and can easily be digested by your dogs. (Raw chicken however can contain bacteria and can lead to your dog becoming ill) It is also said that raw chicken bones helps clean the dog’s teeth in one way or another.  Raw chicken bones are safe for your dogs as long as it does not have any pointy edges which can cause choking or any other problems mentioned above.

If you want to feed chicken bones to your dogs, it would be best to have a monthly check up for your dogs in order to see if there are problems which are being caused by chicken bones. It will also be best if you will feed them in moderation in order not to spoil them.

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  1. I guess there is no winning with chicken bones.

    If they are raw, they can make your dogs sick, if they are cooked, they are too brittle to eat.


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