Can Dogs Eat Cashews

Can dogs eat cashews

  • Dogs can eat cashews

Can dogs eat cashews?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat cashews?

Dogs can eat cashews!

Yes they can eat cashews but only in moderation. Cashews have a lot of nutrients which can be beneficial not just for humans but also for dogs. It is rich in vitamin K, phosphorous, magnesium, manganese and zing. It also contains antioxidants and Omega 6 fatty acids which can help decrease inflammation in your dog’s body. Cashew nuts are also said to make your dog’s skin healthy and its coat shinier.
Though cashew nuts are safe for your dogs, it is recommended not to give it too often. Cashew nuts also contain a high amount of fats and calories. This can lead to your dog being overweight and can cause other serious problems. Too much fat can also cause pancreatitis which can take away your dog’s life. There is also a high amount of sodium in cashews which can affect the kidneys and cause renal failure and eventually death.
It would be best to ask your vet first if it is safe for your dogs to eat cashews. If your dog has any medical condition or any allergies, your vet will probably know this. Moderation is the key to your dog’s health and make sure you follow all the advice that your vet is giving you.

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  1. What do I give then for omega 3:6:9 instead of cashews and fish oil? Whst is the ideal ratio for fogs ? Puppies ?


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