Can dogs eat candy?

can dogs eat candy

  • Dogs should not eat candy

Can dogs eat candy?

you may ask yourself can my dog have candy?

Dogs should not eat candy!

Do you have the habit of purchasing varieties of candies for your kids? Your kids definitely enjoy the different flavors of the candies and they don’t mind giving to your dog too, but is it safe for your dogs to eat? Can dogs eat candy?

There is no harm and danger if your dog eats very low quantity of candy canes. Yes there is no harm in it but if your dog gobbles the whole packet of candy, there are reasons to worry. When your dog eats too many pieces of candy, your canine friend can suffer from an upset stomach and vomiting.

Though candies are not toxic for dogs but it is better if you can prevent your dog from eating candy. Are you wondering why? Well candy can be dangerous for your pet dog. How? Have you ever thought candies can choke your dog?

Since candies are small in size and dogs have the habit of gobbling everything without chewing properly, there is every possibility that your pet dog chokes to death while eating candy. Can you imagine the scenario- your dog chocking to death while you are out in your garden?

It is scary, isn’t it? You have to be very careful and cautious. In fact the candy wrappers are made of plastic are pose threat for your dog too. So it is  recommended that you should keep candy away from your four legged canine friend. If your dog is diabetic, candy is a big no.

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