can dogs eat candy canes

Can dogs eatcandy canes

  • Dogs can eat candy canes

Can dogs eat candy canes?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat candy canes?

Dogs can eat candy canes! 

Dogs can eat candy canes as long as they are not “sugar free”.  If you dog eats a small amount of candy cane nothing bad will happen, however if your dog eats a lot, it may cause an upset stomach/diarrhea.

As long as you limit your dog to a small piece, it is ok if they chew on a candy cane.

Post by: Adrian Sau

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12 Comments On “can dogs eat candy canes”

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  2. Candy canes are very high in sugar (oh wait they are all sugar)

    sugar is very unhealthy for dogs.


  3. candy is generally bad for dogs.


  4. sugar is unhealthy.


  5. any candy is not good for dogs.


  6. My dog loves sweats, but they are unhealthy…


  7. i would not give any.


  8. I gave my dog a small piece of peppermint candy cane, will she be ok. Im not sure if it was sugar free or not. It was not a large piece, maybe like 3cm long…


    • If it was a small piece, even if it was sugar free, your dog should be fine, just keep an eye on him/her.

      Try not to give sweets to your dog.


  9. my dog ate one from a gift i was making… Nothing bad happened…


  10. I think there is a typo error – it should read “as long as they are “sugar-free”


    • Hi TERENCE,
      Thanks for the comment, but it actually is not a typo. Sugar Free candy canes often contain artificial ingredients that are harmful to dogs, and other pets. Although sugar is unhealthy for dogs, it will not harm them in small amounts.


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