can dogs eat butter

can dogs eat butter

  • Dogs can eat butter
  • Dogs should not have a lot of butter

Can dogs eat butter?

you may ask yourself can my dog have butter?

Dogs can eat butter!

This seems a strange question, right? But in the past few years dog owners are becoming way more conscious and particular regarding the feeding and meal plans for their pet dogs.

Why shouldn’t they be? Dogs are treated as one of the family members and it is your responsibility to take care of the food items that are safe as well as healthy for your dog. Butter is a dairy product that your dog can indulge in sometimes.

The consumption of butter depends on the health of your dog. If your dog is overweight, it won’t be a very good idea to feed the pet on butter. Similar to human beings even dogs become overweight and there are problems like high cholesterol.

It is believed that if dogs are given small quantities of butter it protects your dog from skin allergies. On the contrary if extreme dose is given, there is no doubt that the pet suffers from stomach ache, constipation and diarrhea and so on.

Butter is not at all poisonous for your dog but he/she might suffer from stomach upset and you must consult a vet because it might become serious and your pet dog will badly fall ill. Even carnivorous animals like dogs can eat butter and in fact they relish eating it. Doesn’t this sound interesting?

After going through this article you are pretty sure that butter is safe for dogs and not poisonous but you have to make sure that it is given in small dosages to your dog or less your dog will suffer from stomach problems.

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