can dogs eat broccoli

Can dogs eat broccoli

  • Dogs can eat broccoli

Can dogs eat broccoli?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat broccoli?

Dogs can eat broccoli!

Broccoli is Healthy for Humans but few people know that dogs also benefit from eating broccoli.
Unlike humans dogs can’t eat broccoli on a daily basis because their systems will not handle it, but they can eat it every once in a while.
Can dogs eat broccoli is a Question that comes up very often, it has been proven that dogs do gain health benefits from eating broccoli.
Dogs can eat broccoli because it will add Vitamins to their diet. Broccoli Stalks will help prevent you dog from getting cancer, which is a great thing.
Make sure When feeding your dog broccoli that it is Only broccoli! Broccoli with cheese may have a bad effect on your dog since most dogs are lactose intolerant and may have problems with doing their doggy business.

Remember Too much broccoli can be Harmful for your dog and can be toxic to them, make sure you always limit then amount they consume and make sure that no one else is feeding them with out you knowing., since it can cause serious problems for your beloved dog.

Post by: Adrian Sau

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6 Comments On “can dogs eat broccoli”

  1. i never feed my dogs broccoli cause i never have


  2. Thank you for your site, it’s very helpful and informative.


  3. I sometimes mix in a little bit of broccoli with my puppies food along with rice, carrots, and chicken. I make a little chicken soup and add it in so that she eats. (my dog wont eat dry food)


  4. Dogs usually like broccoli, it is healthy, and a little mixed in with their food can be a nice treat.


  5. i never give my dogs brocolli it gives them wet poos 😈


  6. broccoli would be fine for dogs, I do not see anything wrong with giving your dog a piece of broccoli… 😀


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