Can dogs eat bones

Can dogs eat bones

  • Can dogs have bones?
  • Are bones safe for dogs?
  • What bones should you give your dog if any?

Can dogs have bones?

you may ask yourself can my dog have bones?

Since time immemorial we know that bones and dogs are best friends. But now this age old concept is under scrutiny. Can dogs eat bones? Are eating bones safe for dogs? Why is it dangerous to eat bones?

Dogs enjoy eating bones but there are certain health complications that might trigger. If at all you want to indulge your dog in treating bones, it is safer to provide him/her with raw bones. As a dog owner you must understand that practically bones are not safe for your pet.

It is a misconception that dogs require bones for good dental care. Do you know your dog cannot digest the bone itself and the collagen present in it? What if the dog swallows the whole bone and it gets struck? The surgery will cost you few hundred dollars.

It has been found that dogs that indulge in eating bones, no matter if they are raw bones, they suffer from certain oral injuries in tongues, gums etc due to the sharp edges of the bones. This is extremely painful for your dog and he/she requires immediate medical attention.

Because the bones are very hard often the dogs suffer from fractured teeth that might require root canals and extraction of your dog’s teeth. Would you mind spending an extra hundred dollars on your dog for such issues that can be avoided completely?

Pieces of bones that get stuck in the stomach can also cause certain intestinal complications and sometimes it becomes fatal too. Why do you want to risk the life of your pet dog? Avoid giving bones and prevent any such complicating situations.

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