Can Dogs Eat Black Olives

Can dogs eat Black Olives

  • Dogs can eat black olives
  • Only plain without any spices or preservatives

Can dogs eat black olives?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat black olives?

Dogs can eat black olives!

It is said mostly that dogs do not take a liking to black olives. However this cannot be said for every dog.  Dogs are also curious eaters and love to taste new things which might visually appeal to them or smell great. Black olives are one such food product which is liked by some dogs while for others they do not fare very well on the taste factor.

Black olives, on its own, are not hazardous for dogs but usually there are various preservatives, chemicals and oils used to preserve them which if fed to dogs cause harm. It can cause stomach upset for your dog.

Black olives also have a very high fat content than what a dog is usually supposed to intake. This can lead to inflammation of the dog’s pancreas and in rare cases may also be fatal. Giving your dog black olives once or twice a month, in a very small number like one or two, can be advisable but not on a regular basis.

Black olives are salty and high levels of salt for canines is harmful in any way and should be avoided.

The oil derived from black olives, however, is a good product for dogs. The nutrients in this oil helps to make the dog’s coat shinier and smoother. It improves the skin quality of dogs, especially those who are suffering from dry skin. Olive oil also increases the energy levels in dogs. Thet use of black olives as food for dogs is only good if done sparingly.

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  1. I have an older Bullmastiff girl who loves all things edible. Much to my surprise, she spat out the black olive that I gave her.


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