Can Dogs Eat Black Beans

Can dogs eat black beans

  • Dogs can eat black beans

Can dogs eat black beans?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat black beans?

Dogs can eat black beans!

Black beans can be added to a person’s diet but what about for dogs? Beans are generally safe for your dogs and this includes black beans, green beans and even white beans. Black beans are known to have a high amount of protein which is needed by most dogs. It is also rich in Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Manganese and even fiber which aids in the excretion of the body’s waste products. Some owners would say that black beans should not be eaten by your dog. However, it is the manner of serving that makes it safe or unsafe for your dogs to eat. Raw black beans can be difficult for them to chew and chances are they will swallow it and can cause obstruction either in their airway or intestines. Cooked black beans are safe because it is softer and the chances of it getting obstructed are minimized.
Black beans can be a good source of supplementary proteins but it should not replace your dog’s meal. Feeding your dog with black beans can also cause some oral problems in your dog. It is recommended that oral hygiene should be maintained if black beans are part of your dog’s diet.

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