Can Dogs Eat Bell Peppers

Can dogs eat bell peppers

  • Dogs can eat bell peppers

Can dogs eat bell peppers?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat bell peppers?

Dogs can eat bell peppers!

Bell peppers can be safely given to your dogs. It is rich in vitamin C as well as vitamin A which promotes good eye sight and prevent night blindness. It is also known that bell peppers lower the risk of your dog having cataracts, eye problems and even arthritis.
If your dog does not want to eat the whole bell pepper, you can add it directly to his meal by chopping it as finely as possible. You can also have them cooked by boiling them or steaming them before service it to your dogs. Grilled bell peppers might be a good idea but most dog experts avoid giving it to their dogs because it can be burnt up char can be cancerous.
Some dogs might be allergic to bell peppers and it would be best if you won’t be giving them any even if it is in small amounts. It will also be better to ask your dog’s dietician if how much and how often should you feed your dog with bell peppers. Since it is also a kind of vegetable, bell pepper can be quite difficult for some dogs to digest and can cause some GI upset. Make sure to feed your dog with the recommended amount of bell peppers as advised by your dog’s dietician.

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