Can dogs eat beef bones?

Can dogs eat beef bones

  • Dogs can NOT eat beef bones

Can dogs eat beef bones?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat beef bones?

Dogs can NOT eat beef bones!

Since your childhood you have heard that bones and dogs can never go apart. In fact there are many who believe that bones are a dog’s best friend and chewing bones is actually healthy for dogs. But do you know the dangers related to eating bones?

It is true that dogs will love eating bones of chicken, beef, turkey, steak and so on. But it is recommended to avoid giving bones to dogs. Are you wondering why? Well the bones are brittle and break very easily.

Can you imagine the plight of your canine friend when he eats a bone and it splinters and gets struck in your dog’s throat? Your pet will chock to death if immediate medical attention in not provided.

Moreover there have been cases where after having bones it got struck in the intestinal tract of the dogs that had to be operated. These situations are very risky and are fatal too. Why would you risk the life of your canine companion by giving the dangerous bones?

Chicken bones are a big no for your dog but if you properly cook the beef bones, it can be given to your dog. But make sure that the bone is thick and big enough so that there are hardly any chances of chocking.

Beef bones are a treat for your dog because it is tasty as well as provides protein. But the risk factor remains because when beef bones are cooked it becomes more prone to splintering. Now it depends upon you whether you will take chances with the life of your pet. But it is best if you can avoid it.

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