Can dogs eat bacon?

Can dogs eat bacon

  • Dogs can NOT eat bacon

Can dogs eat bacon?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat bacon?

Dogs can NOT eat bacon!

Do you cook bacon often at your home? When you fry the bacon its aroma gets filled in the air and it is so enticing. Does the smell of bacon make your mouth watery? Do you know even your dog can smell the fresh aroma of bacon? Should you give bacon to your dog?

Can dogs eat bacon? Does your dog beg for bacon strips whenever you prepare it? You cannot resist your pet’s pleading eyes and it becomes so difficult to turn him/her away without giving the bacon treat, right?

Can you give bacon to your dog? The answer is a big no. Your pet dog will love the taste and smell of bacon but bacon is not good for your dog’s health and thereby it must be avoided. Bacon is high in fat and calorie content and rich too.

When your pet is frequently fed with rich and fatty food like bacon, he/she suffers from inflammation in the pancreas gland and suffers from disease called pancreatitis. This kind of diseases obstructs the pancreas to function properly which leads to serious ailment.

All species of dogs are prone to pancreatitis if they are constantly given rich and fatty food items like bacon. The worst part is there are no such symptoms that enable you to know that your pet is experiencing some kind of trouble in the pancreas.

Once your pet falls sick and he/she is taken to the veterinarian, you will not be able to know about the disease. So it is better if you don’t supply with bacon to your canine friend and avoid such circumstances.

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