Can dogs eat baby food

Can dogs eat baby food

  • Dogs can eat some baby food
  • Some baby foods contain ingredients that are harmful to dogs

Can dogs eat baby food?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat baby food?

Baby food in general is safe for dogs to eat, however some baby foods are unsafe for dogs.  Dogs can not eat baby food if the food contains nuts, onion, garlic, or other harmful ingredients.

Before feeding baby food to dogs, first read over all the ingredients to make sure that non of the ingredients will harm your dog.

If the baby food contains harmful ingredients it can cause your dog to have stomach aches, and runs.

Post by: Adrian Sau

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79 Comments On “Can dogs eat baby food”

  1. I have given some baby food before. It was an apple babyfood that was 100% mushed apple. My dog loved it.


  2. i gave my dog a bit of baby food in with regular food. She seemed to like it alot.

    It was some carrot mix.


  3. my dog loves baby food.


  4. I fed my puppy baby food for a while when she was small.

    No harm came to her, I believe I gave her some carrot baby food mix, and my dog loved it.


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