Can Dogs Drink Tea

Can dogs drink tea

  • Dogs can not drink tea

Can dogs drink tea?

you may ask yourself can my dog drink tea?

Dogs can not drink tea!

Tea contains a large amount of caffeine which can be fatal to dogs. If you are thinking of letting your dog drink tea, then it would be best not to do so. Tea which is high in caffeine can cause rapid breathing, palpitations, restlessness, muscle tremors and sometimes even death.
Some dogs are also lactose intolerant which can cause diarrhea or vomiting if you will be serving the tea with some milk. There are also some dogs that experience stomach ache right after drinking tea even if it is in small amounts.
Tea also promotes peristaltic activity in humans which aids in the removal of waste product. There is still no scientific evidence that it does the same for dogs. It might even cause severe problems once given to your dogs. Make sure to ask your dog’s veterinarian first before serving your dog with tea. Some owners would say that it is safe for your dogs to drink them as long as nothing happens to them afterwards. It might be a good reason to consider giving tea to your dog but it pays to be safe if you want your dog to live longer and healthier. If you can avoid giving tea to your dog then you have nothing to worry about.

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