Can Dogs Drink Alcohol

Can dogs drink alcohol

  • Dogs can not drink alcohol

Can dogs drink alcohol?

you may ask yourself can my dog drink alcohol?

Dogs can not drink alcohol!

If you are one of those owners that do not take care of their dogs and would want your dog to be drunk then yes. If you are a responsible dog owner however, you would refrain from letting your dog have even a slip of alcohol.
Alcohol is one of the things you should not let your dog have. Alcohol can also damage your dog’s liver and brain in which can be fatal to your dog. Alcohol can cause diarrhea, vomiting, muscle weakness and even loss of body functions.
Alcohol is also designed for human consumption and not for dogs. Imagine what it does to human when they drink, the same thing happens to a dog which has smaller body mass and because of this, the effects are greatly increased. Alcohol also damages the immune system of your dogs which makes them vulnerable to any disease.
Occasional drinking would be fine for humans because it has some health benefits but not for dogs. You won’t also need to visit your vet just to ask if your dog can drink alcohol. If you want your dog to have a healthy and longer life, keep your alcohol in a safe place and avoid giving him anything that has alcohol content.

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