Best way to store dog food

Best way to store dog food

What is the best way to store dog food?

After collecting the information of your dog’s food needs and buying the best dog food available as per those needs the question arises of storage. Storage of dog food is a very important aspect which should not be overlooked. If the food becomes stale or spoils due to bad or unhygienic storage and consumed by your dog then it will only lead to unnecessary health complications.

While storing dry dog food it is important to keep it in a way that maintains the freshness and nutrient quality of the food for the longest time. There are various environmental factors to which when dog food is exposed, it degrades in quality. These include air, sunlight, rising temperatures and humidity and moisture.

The best way to protect food from these is to keep it in its original package. These days’ manufacturers are using high quality packaging just to ensure the freshness of the food stays intact. They have unique zip pouches which help to lock out air and moisture from coming in contact with the food.

Canned dog food requires different specifications of ideal storage. If the can is not opened then it’s appropriate to keep it in a cool environment. However an opened can of dog food should not be refrigerated for more than seven days. If, for some reason it has not been used till then, it should be kept in the freezer and then taken out when required. Dog food is expensive and thus no compromises should be made with its storage subjecting both the food and your dog to health risks.

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