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Best Dog Foods

The various labels on bags of dog food saying ‘hundred percent natural’, ’preservative free’, ‘completely balanced nutrition’ and ‘recommended by’ make an attractive sign for dog owners to purchase that brand of dog food. It implies a sense of trust that purchasers put in these labels rather than actually knowing what is in it that makes up the food for their loved pet.

The lucrative images of various meat and nutrients on the packaging of the dog food may not all exactly be true.  There are some hoaxes which have been reported where the manufacturers were using various animal part discards as a major ingredient in the preparation of dog food. This was a shocking alarm and raised questions on the genuinity of dog foods sold commercially. In order to save on cost of meat protein manufacturers have switched to using corn and it’s by products as the single major source of protein. In an ideal condition corn should be mixed with animal protein to make in to a nice balanced diet. But it is not the case. Not only are they relying on just corn but the quality of corn being used is also not up to par.

Such irresponsible manufacturing is what may lead to various deficiencies and health defects in our loved dogs and they may have to take regular or more frequent visits to the vets. Dog owners should be careful while choosing commercial dog food and pay attention to the quality and ingredients being used in it.

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