Allergy Dog Food

Allergy Dog Food

  • What Allergy Dog Food is Right for Dogs with Allergies?

Allergy Dog Food

What Dog Food is best for Dogs with Allergies?

Food allergies are one of the most common allergies for dogs. They can occur in all dogs as, puppy or even as adult dogs. Food allergies can cause different manifestations such as itchiness, scratching, hair loss and rashes that can be quite uncomfortable for your dog.

Sometimes food allergies are difficult to detect because the signs and symptoms of food allergies are somehow the same with other skin disorders. The best thing you can do is visit your local vet and ask.

If your dog is diagnosed with a food allergy, your veterinarian will suggest that your dog be place on a hypoallergenic test diet to see if there will be an improvement or if there will be a reduction of itchiness and scratching. This hypoallergenic diet is mostly composed of a few ingredients with no preservatives or flavorings. You must also remove all other foods that you used to give your dog to be able to determine what causes his or her food allergies. You can see an improvement on your dog’s condition within a few weeks with the help of this test diet. Once improvement is seen and noted, various foods and ingredients may be added to the food until the allergen which causes the food allergy has been identified.

Once you know what particular ingredient or food your dog is allergic to, you can identify what particular dog food must be given to them. Make sure to read the labels and ingredients of the dog food you will be buying and avoid food that contains the causes of allergies. If it is difficult to find a dog food that does not contain the allergen, you can make your own dog food with the help of your veterinarian which would be best for dogs that have allergies to many foods.

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