All the Ways French Bulldogs Are Different from Pugs

It’s almost insulting for a pet parent of a beautiful Frenchie to see someone confuse their pets with pugs. Yes, both are brachycephalic dog breeds and are both small dogs, but they are different in so many ways. Don’t get us wrong, pugs are great, but they are in a lot of ways different from French bulldogs. In this post we will provide comparisons between French bulldogs and pugs. Considering we love Frenchies we might be a bit biased. 


Looking at a French bulldog keenly is one of the quickest ways to distinguish it from other dogs. That’s because this dog has unique features and characteristics. While pugs have floppy ears and curly pig-tails, French bulldogs have straight and short tails with larger triangular and straight ears that look like those of bats. Both their skins appear wrinkly and less-compact.

Pugs have thick coats with a coarse texture that does not feel quite smooth to touch. Frenchies on the other hand, have finer and smooth coats. One of the key benefits of that smooth and short coat is that it requires minimal grooming and maintenance, making the French bulldog a great pick. With pugs, you will need to do a little bit more grooming to preserve the appearance and health of their coats.

Pugs are often available in two main colors including black and fawn with black snouts. You can get French bulldogs in a variety of colors and shades ranging from white, brindle, gray, and others. 



Whether you are looking for dog care tips for small dogs or choosing the right dog to keep as a pet, size is always an important factor to consider. Generally, both pugs and French bulldogs are small in size and, mainly suitable for people that live in apartments. However, you can still notice a difference in their sizes since Frenchies are more built than pugs.

The difference is clearly expressed in the weights and measurements of the two breeds. Pugs are about 10 to 14 inches tall and weigh around 14 to 18 pounds. French bulldogs also have the same height but weigh between 20 to 30 pounds.

Although the weight of the dog does not directly affect their appetite for exercise, Frenchies are known for requiring less exercise than pugs. They prefer relaxing and snuggling with their human parents around the home with small walks here and there. As a result, French bulldogs are an ideal choice if you are looking for a small dog that requires minimal exercise.


The personality of the dogs is also a key factor of comparison for French bulldogs and pugs. While many people have suggested that the pug has a better personality than French bulldogs, the claims are mainly based on the playful nature of the former. Pugs are affectionate and relate well with kids and other pets in the home. They are more active and they can get a bit vocal at times.

French bulldogs are also very friendly but, laid back and they hardly bark like other small dog breeds. They bark sometimes when meeting strangers or when facing danger, but it is not very often. While some may prefer the mischievous nature of pugs, French bulldogs are your best bet if you need a small dog just to keep you company without the disturbance of barking.


To ensure the best relationship with your pet, training is also an essential aspect that requires proper thought whenever you are planning to bring home dogs. Generally, both pugs and Frenchies are intelligent breeds and they easily understand and respond to commands after proper training.

Of the two breeds, pugs are considered to be more stubborn and challenging to train than French Bulldogs. That means training a pug to even get used to your home can indeed take a lot of time and effort. The ease of training French bulldogs makes them a more suitable pick for your urban home. However, proper dog training requires patience.

The above comparisons of pugs and French bulldogs indicate Frenchies are an adorable choice of dogs that every pet lover should consider getting. Pet experts also recommend that you do a little research about dog care tips for small dogs to learn how to keep your pet healthy and happy in your home.


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